Blaine's Story

Blaine is not new to the culinary world. She and her husband Robert and chef Stephen Attoe opened and operated Swifty's restaurant and Swifty's Events Catering in Manhattan for seventeen years until 2016. Baking and culinary arts are also a family tradition. Her great, great aunt was Fannie Merritt Farmer, an American culinary expert. In 1896 she published her best known work The Boston Cooking School Cookbook also known as The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, which is still available in print today.


Blaine's great grandmother was Mary B. Merritt who in the 1930's started Merritt’s Beaten Biscuit Company in Montgomery, Alabama. Starting in her own kitchen, the company expanded to eventually service over 6,000 stores. It is also notable that Mary was one of the first women to create, own and operate a successful business in the USA.


The Cornell Creative Business Center provides nine artisan work sites which includes a shared shipping and receiving warehouse and will allow businesses to have their employees produce, package, label and ship their products. The Arc of Mid Hudson carefully chose specific start-up businesses from all over the United States that have proven to show profit in their product, share our vision and are excited to be a part of this unique relationship. These companies have invested in Ulster County in hopes to grow their business, increase economic development in the area and promote overall good health in the community by hiring and helping people with disabilities be an integral part of the social fabric that makes up the Hudson Valley. Blaine is proud to take part in this initiative!

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