About Us

Blaine Merritt Caravaggi's new line of healthier and tastier baked goods are available from OFF THE WHEAT SWEETS AND EATS-BAKED BY BLAINE. 

We have developed a flour blend that is grain free and paleo friendly that consists of almond, coconut and cassava flours.  This magical combination is used as a 1 for 1 substitute for regular, cake and whole wheat flours.  Using these ingredients creates a much healthier, low carb, high fiber and delicious product line.

It is important to note that our flour blend is EXPENSIVE.  Regular wheat flour can be purchased in bulk for 32 cents per pound.  Our wholesale price to produce one pound costs $8.50 per pound-mainly due to the high cost of organic and Fair Trade almond flour.  We insist on using the finest ingredients that are ethically sourced and sustainable.

We specialize in WHOLESOME HUDSON VALLEY BAKED GOODS WITH GREAT TASTE AND TEXTURE such as pound cakes, cup cakes, cheese breads, vegan baked goods, chocolate chip cookies, macaroons and Sicilian almond cookies.  All frostings are cannoli cream based and come in many flavors.

Our Merritt's Cheese Morsels are a descendant from a line of "Cheese Tempters" from the original Merritt Beaten Biscuit Company.  They are available with a variety of seasonal ingredients.

We source many of our ingredients from local Hudson Valley farms including eggs that are certified humane, organic and non-GMO, grass fed butter and cheese, corn meal that is organic and non-GMO, and sweeteners including honey and maple syrup.

Blaine is not new to the culinary world. She and her husband Robert and chef Stephen Attoe opened and operated Swifty's restaurant and Swifty's Events Catering in Manhattan for seventeen years until 2016. Baking and culinary arts are also a family tradition. Her great, great aunt was Fannie Merritt Farmer, an American culinary expert. In 1896 she published her best known work THE BOSTON COOKING SCHOOL COOKBOOK also known as THE FANNIE FARMER COOKBOOK, which is still available in print today.

Blaine's great grandmother was Mary B. Merritt who in the 1930's started MERRITT’S BEATEN BISCUIT COMPANY in Montgomery, Alabama. Starting in her own kitchen, the company expanded to eventually service over 6,000 stores. It is also notable that Mary was one of the first women to create, own and operate a successful business in the USA.

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